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So tired... 's one thing when I have a reason to be, but when hours get wasted... wargh...


Great show of maturity.

(Crossposted from DeviantArt for those of you who only see me here.)

Well, that's a lovely comment on my front page:

The user LCnS  told me "My work is not your personal soapbox. Stay away."

And yet all I did was respond to his opinion with my own. He posted a nude image of a girl that ended up on the front page of DeviantArt. Yes, her breasts were covered by her arms - but that doesn't make her not nude and she still will offend the sensibilities of a significant amount of people. We have a mature filter for that.

Yet this person was somehow upset at being told by numerous users that the work should be marked as mature. As if it was some great insult to be told "Some people don't want to see nudity, could you please filter it?" He said, and I quote, "I went back and flagged this as mature because apparently it's "ideologically sensitive". I used the process of elimination, because the photo does not contain nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore or strong language. Most of you get it, some of you just don't. For those that don't, keep your sensitive ideology to yourself."

I just don't get it - the mature filter has ALWAYS been there for nude pictures and sometimes even not nude pictures, depending on what the person in them is wearing. How is it that people requesting that you filter your work so that younger/more sensitive audiences aren't forced to stumble across it when it shows on DA's front page is somehow a pain in the butt to you? Honestly.

The other frustrating thing was the great number of people commenting things like "Oh, you people need to grow up! It's JUST nudity!" Good grief, are you really that calloused to what matters to other people? Just because YOU don't care that it's a naked person doesn't mean you get to shove that same stance down someone else's throat. Just filter mature work and if you don't care, set your DeviantArt account to automatically show mature work without the filter. That way people WITH filters turned ON can be protected from things they'd rather not see, and the people who don't care and turn the filters OFF aren't affected either.


So then this guy not only blocks me from being able to respond to him at all after he declared I was using the comment under his page as a soapbox, he hid the comment that I made. Evidently the man cannot handle a differing opinion. Which, you know, then what is he doing on the internet? :D

Seriously though. Take a look at this.

First we have a user who AGREES with the artist that it's stupid that people are wanting a mature content filter on the art.

"*NatziYeti 4 hours ago
Because this photo shows so little of anything of offensive nature it really doesn't deserve a maturity tag. Those tags are meant for full-on nudes showing genitalia and nipples. Please don't abuse them by marking anything that shows as much skin as you would see in a bikini as "mature and offensive" because in all reality, it isn't.

To those of you who can't seem to understand the difference between tasteful nudes and nude studies, seriously, grow up. Take an art history class, you'll find much worse throughout history. What are you going to do, demand that the Venus DiMilo be censored? What about the David? Get over yourselves. I don't know about you, but I appreciate art for the meaning, not necessarily the content. A few of you should really take that to heart."

So, is this person soap boxing, despite being up on a high horse and scolding and scorning the rest of us about how we need to get used to it? No, no, of course not, because their opinion matches the artist's opinion!

Then, we have a response from someone who sees things from my perspective:

"=Hajdarevic 1 hour ago
People think different! Some may find this offensive some may not. It's not up to you to tell people what is offensive and what's not! You may find an autopsy disgusting while others may find it interesting. We are different! Some may find this offensive and that's where the mature filter comes in.

See it like this. Those who doesn't want to see this kind of stuff have the mature filter on so there's actually no loss of viewers! They probably wouldn't clicked on it anyway."

Guess what? This second person got told the EXACT same thing, word for word, by the artist - they were told not to use the artist's page a soap box.

Funny how that works, huh?

To quote all those idiots moaning and whining about those who would rather not look at naked people, artistic or not: "Grow up, people."


Mermaids, they confuse me!

Sure, they're a mythological race, but I'm curious nevertheless!

How do mermaids reproduce? Like fish, or like mammals? And in either case, especially the latter, how?

Most of you might immediately think like a fish, due to their lower bodies, but consider:

-most female mermaids are represented as having breasts (breast having the intended natural purpose of giving milk to young)
-most mer-people are shown having belly buttons, which - if my assumption is correct - is something you would only have after having an umbilical cord, isn't it?



I HAVE A JOB AGAIN OMG *passes out ecstatically*

I've been hired on full-time at Starbucks! Okay, so I'm not so excited about the customer service part, but STILL, I have never met a Starbucks employee (or Caribou employee for that matter) that I didn't like! I am super excited about the co-workers I will have, which to me is way more important than how the customer service goes, because when you have solid, reliable, NICE people to support you in a work environement, that makes EVERYTHING better. I know becase the first set of coworkers I ever had was TERRIBLE, and it just kept getting better with every job after.

Also, the manager who hired me said that there were like three people who quit not long after she started working as manager, but they were the kind of people you watch and go "Soooo... how did you get hired in the first place...?" Which is a relief :D

But yeah. I've just been so anxious about what I'm gonna do about my college loans after so long of not finding a job and my savings slowly depleting and whatnot so this is seriously a Godsend. Also, there is the fact that Starbucks apparently has excellent benefits, especially for the kind of job it is. Also, my main laptop (as in the non-netbook one) died, so as I am now in need of a new computer... the return of incoming cash will be good for many reasons.

Starting pay is $7.60/hr. I believe, and... I think we get a free pound of coffee a week, holy crap, my mom is gonna die and go to heaven. Also, we get like five free drinks a shift. CRIPES. I'm gonna be awake for the rest of my life *shot* Okay, I don't like coffee enough to drink it a TON, and I've also avoided making myself somehow dependent on the caffeine. Who knows how long either of those things will last when I'm working in a coffee shop though <<;


asflksdflksjdflkj STUPID TV

You know...

We have this TV. It's a mammoth - I'm talking mother of all bigscreens here. Okay, maybe not mother of all bigscreens big, but BIG. Bigger than you would usually find in the home of your average middle-class family. I swear it's like 4' in length. HD of course, with a Blu-Ray to go with it. No surround sound, but massive, powerful speakers neverthless. Some people would kill for our TV/TV set up.

I'd give our TV/TV set up to those people.

See, when it was just our one, regular-sized family TV in the basement... it was great. You could watch a movie, television, whatever down there without making a bunch of ruckus.

But now upstairs this mammoth bigscreen is driving me nuts. There is like 25%, MAYBE 50% of the time where someone doesn't have the TV on during the day. And it's almost always loud, unless people are in bed.

I have nothing against TVs, really! I don't use them much, but I have nothing against them!


Seriously, even my dad. Dx You'd think my dad was a teenager trying to burst his eardrums with loud rock or something! AUUUUUUGH. Screams and stabbing and explosions oh my! YES THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO LISTEN TO ALL DAY. Or you know the theme music to a TV series you're binging on from Netflix, heard 5,000 TIMES AT TOP VOLUME.

*beats. head. against. desk*

(Also, we got a freakin' TV instead of, for instance, getting a new dishwasher to replace the one that hasn't worked in like over a year. Now, some might argue that it could be good for us because of washing dishes by hand, blah blah blah. Yeah, I agree with those people. EXCEPT NO ONE FRIKKIN' WASHES THEIR DISHES AND NOTHING WORKS TO GET THEM TO DX And thus our kitchen is a mess all the friggin' time. I mean it was before, just with foodstuffs, but at least it was LESS mess and easier to clean up when there happened to be dishes everywhere. Augh. And don't even get me started on the REST of the reasons we shouldn't have gotten this monster.)



I essentially had a panic attack yesterday.

I realized I had not looked at the expiration date on my driver's permit (this is old news but to those of you who don't know, I have to this day never gotten my driver's license due to fear of driving and thus had renewed my permit once already, this is the second time).

Well, it had expired. I was freaking out, because I couldn't figure out via teh internet whether or not everything would reset (have to take the permit test again, having to have the permit for another six months before getting a license, etc.)

Since my current hopeful plan is:

>Get job
>Save up money in bank for tuition for the first semester of the school year
>Finally earn driver's license
>Register for school starting second semester
>Rent car to be able to drive self to school (public transportation to get there is ridiculously long)

And I was worried if all that resetting happened due to my neglect, it would set me back on the driver's license/car thing. Which... is kind of important, because otherwise I don't have very good options for getting to the school.

But, thank God, I went in today and applied for a permit renewal and all went smoothly. Plus, my fifteen-year-old brother and I got some driving lesson time in with my dad, which was excellent (even if I have more confidence in my ability to learn, this time around, though, it still terrifies me.)

Dunno if this is accurate or not oh well

you are steelblue

Your dominant hues are cyan and blue. You like people and enjoy making friends. You're conservative and like to make sure things make sense before you step into them, especially in relationships. You are curious but respected for your opinions by people who you sometimes wouldn't even suspect.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
the spacefem.com html color quiz



Yay little bean dogs! 8D

For those of you that have haven't heard of them or seen them...!

Full theme song

Episode 1
One-a-day trivia la la la~



Awkward memories iz awkwaaaaaard.

Four year old memories at this point, but STILL.



(Cross-posted from DA, for those of you who watch me there)

Okay, I'm finally taking a step out and offering commissions, for the sake of getting even just a little extra money in my savings account to help pay college bills. I know there's probably not many people that want them, but if any of you do, please let me know!

I'm starting prices off like this...

All digital art, 1 character of your choosing, no background:
:bulletorange: Rough sketch: $2
:bulletorange: Inked drawing: $5
:bulletorange: Colored and shaded: $10

All digital art, 1 character of your choosing, with background:
:bulletorange: Rough sketch: $5
:bulletorange: Inked drawing: $7
:bulletorange: Colored and shaded: $15

Anything that falls outside of these categories, please contact me and we will talk!

I would like to use Paypal for payment, but if you can't use Paypal, we can talk about other methods!

Thank you - and if you happen to know anyone who might like to commission me, please spread the word!


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